Submission deadline for Project Outline is 7th August, 2022. The link for submitting proposals will be available on 20th July, 2022.


Technology Transition Fund supports innovation activities that go beyond the experimental proof of concept in laboratory. It supports both the maturation and validation of your novel technology in the lab and in relevant application environments (by making use of prototyping, formulation, models, user testing or other validation tests) as well as the development of a business case and business model towards the innovation’s future commercialization. The anticipated result is the development of products or services that are marketable and can generate positive cash flows.

The proposed activities must include further technology development on the results achieved previously and follow user-centric methodologies to increase chances of the innovation’s future success in the market. The Transition projects should address, in a balanced way, both technology and market/business dimensions, possibly including iterative learning processes based on early customer or user feedback. These activities should include, subject to the level of maturity of the technology, a suitable mix of research, technology development and validation activities to increase the maturity of the technology beyond proof of concept to viable demonstrators of the technology in the intended field of application (i.e. up to Technology Readiness Level 5 to 7).