Expert Panel

Ignite National Technology Fund, under the Ministry of IT & Telecom, is seeking applications from experienced professionals in the startup ecosystem to join the expert committee for the BridgeStart Pakistan program. This initiative aims to enhance the global presence and capabilities of Pakistani startups by providing them access to top international incubators and accelerators. BridgeStart Pakistan is dedicated to empowering the nation’s startups, offering them unparalleled opportunities to connect, learn, and succeed on the global stage.
Join us in shaping the future of Pakistan’s startup ecosystem, driving innovation, and creating lasting economic impact through the BridgeStart Pakistan program.

Experience of the selection committee
Applicants are invited to bring a diverse range of experiences to the table, potentially including one or more of the following:
Industry Experience: At least 5 years in the tech startup ecosystem, venture capital, business incubation, or related fields.
Entrepreneurial Background: Experience in founding or co-founding a startup, preferably those who have successfully scaled a business internationally.
Venture Capital: Experience in venture capital or angel investing, with a deep understanding of the investment landscape and funding mechanisms.
Academic and Research: Involvement in technology and entrepreneurship education and research, especially in tech transfer initiatives.
Corporate Leadership: Senior management roles within the technology sector, focusing on strategic planning and innovation.
International Exposure: Experience working with or in international markets, understanding global business practices and challenges in the tech sector.
Policy Development: Background in public policy or legal frameworks specifically related to technology, startups, and business incubation ecosystems.
Networking and Mentorship: Proven track record of effective networking and mentorship in supporting startups and entrepreneurs.
Advisory Roles: Previous experience serving on advisory boards or committees, particularly those influencing strategy and policy-making in the tech sector.
Incubator/Accelerator Engagement: Direct experience working with or in local and international incubators or accelerators, either as a participant, mentor, or administrator.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Experts Committee
The roles and responsibilities of the expert committee will be as follows:
Assessment of Proposals: Evaluate startup proposals based on innovation, feasibility, and alignment with the program’s objectives.
Shortlisting Candidates: Select the most promising startups for further consideration, ensuring a high-quality pool of candidates.
Methodology Development: Collaborate with Ignite National Technology Fund to create a robust selection framework that includes criteria such as market fit, specific incubator/accelerator requirements, and investment potential.
Detailed Analysis: Conduct thorough reviews of each proposal, focusing on aspects like compliance with project objectives, rationalization of funding requirements, and optimization of operations.
Benefit to Pakistani Startup Ecosystem: Analyze the potential benefits of each incubator/accelerator program to the Pakistani startup ecosystem, ensuring that the engagements offer value such as knowledge transfer, networking opportunities, and potential for future collaborations.
Evaluating Incubators/Accelerators: Assess the quality of international incubators and accelerators to ensure they meet the high standards necessary for substantial growth and learning opportunities for Pakistani startups.
Alignment with Project Objectives: Ensure that the selected incubator/accelerator programs align with the specific objectives of the BridgeStart Pakistan program, such as fostering innovation, providing international exposure, and facilitating market expansion.
Diversity and Inclusion: Ensure that the selection process encourages diversity in team composition and idea generation.
Transparency: Maintain transparency and fairness throughout the selection process to uphold the integrity of the program.
Conflict of Interest: Ensure all committee members disclose any potential conflicts of interest related to their duties and abstain from decisions where they have a personal or financial interest to preserve the integrity and impartiality of the selection process.

Interested candidates may complete the application form available at and send the completed form to [email protected]

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