The prime determinant of the rise &
fall of societies

Innovation is the prime determinant of the rise and fall of societies. The new surge of innovation is the fourth industrial wave, where creativity and innovation are at a premium. Startups are the building blocks of the knowledge economy. Governments provide incentives to address market failures and agile regulation that balances risk with innovation.

Ignite funds startups and innovative projects that utilize 4th industrial wave tech to solve local problems and target global opportunities in health, education, energy, agriculture, telecom, finance and other verticals. Our national network of incubators across Pakistan nurtures startups and engages them with investors and corporations. We have launched a program to prepare one million people for the future of work. Through studies and stakeholder engagement, we help planning in the public and private sectors. Ignite outreach activities seek to inform professionals, media, students, corporations, media and policy makers about the challenges and threats posed by the new economy and the importance of innovation and seek to increase engagement in Ignite programs.