Challenging The Geeks Of Balochistan (CGB) is a provincial  competition in which teams of Startups, Computer Science/Engineering Students, Professionals (beginners, mid-careers) and Freelancers from Balochistan compete against each other to solve programming assignments in a prescribed time span. 


CGB will be a team-based programming competition that fosters problem-solving, programming and team work skills amongst the participants. The competition will be held in phases – online as a preliminary phase, and on-site as a competition for those who qualify from the online phase.
The on-site event will be held over a period of two days; mock round will be conducted on first day while actual competition will be held on second day. Top three teams will be selected as winners.
Startups, Computer Science/Engineering Students, Professionals (beginners, mid-careers), Freelancers from Balochistan are encouraged to participate. 


National Incubation Center 

Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS)  

Airport Road 



Participating in this challenge is free of cost but seats are limited. Registration will be closed as soon as the seat are full. Registration is open till 14th October 2022.




The teams standing at levels 4 to 10 will receive gift hampers and certificates of participation. 


CGB is a provincial competition in which teams of Startups, Computer Science/Engineering Students, Professionals (beginners, mid-careers) and Freelancers from Balochistan compete against each other to solve programming assignments in a prescribed time span.

Eligibility: Participants must compete as part of a team. A team is comprised of up to 3 members. Only those members who register in a team are allowed to participate in the competition. Universities and Colleges can have multiple teams. Only people residing in Balochistan are eligible. This program is Balochistan specific and people residing in other provinces/cities are not eligible at the moment.

Assignments: All assignments are developed and judged by experts. Assignments will be categorized as easy, medium, hard, and difficult. An assignment can be solved in any of the supported programming languages i.e., Java, C/C++, Python. Each assignment will have time and memory limits. Instructions for the contestants are enclosed here.

Plagiarism: Ignite reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to review the submissions to detect any act of plagiarism and to disqualify any team identified (during or after the competition) for inappropriate collaboration, reuse of material, and/or failing to meet the requirements as indicated by the contest rules.

Selection of Winners: Winners are selected based on overall score. In the case of a tie, time to complete the assignment will be considered as a factor to grade teams.

*net of tax to be paid to winners

A total of 86 teams had contested the preliminary online phase to qualify for the first round of the competition. After the online test, 24 best teams were selected for the final round held at National Incubation Center Quetta.
Freelancers, professional and students from various institutions across Balochistan actively participated in the competition. Some of them are listed below:

⦁ Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences
⦁ University of Balochistan, Quetta
⦁ NUST Balochistan Campus, Quetta
⦁ Alhamd Islamic University, Quetta
⦁ University of Turbat, Kech

⦁ Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water Marine Sciences, Uthal
⦁ Balochistan University of Engineering Technologygy, Khuzdar
⦁ University College of Zhob
⦁ Mir Chakar Khan Rind University, Sibi
⦁ University of Loralai









The team CS19 from Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering & Management Sciences comprising Ibrar Ali, Ali Hassan, and Adnan Ali declared the winners and received the cash prize worth Rs. 500,000.
Winner: CS19, BUITEMS

The first runner-up team Thunderbolts from National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Balochistan Campus comprising Kashif Ghafoor, Muhammad Adnan Khan, Arslan bagged cash prize of Rs. 300,000.
1st Runner-Ups: Thunderbolts, NUST

The second runner-up team Pythonista from Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences comprising Ehtisham Ahmed, Abdullah, and Ahsan Ullah received cash prize of Rs. 200,000.
2nd Runner-Ups: Pythonista, BUITEMS

The award ceremony was held on 25th October 2022 wherein participating teams along with guests from academic institutions and industry were invited. The ceremony started with recitation from Holy Quran.
In his message on the occasion, Dr. Zain-ul-Abdin, General Manager, Ignite thanked Ms. Aisha Humera Chaudhry, Chair of the Board and Additional Secretary (Ministry of IT &Telecom), for initially coming up with the idea of the contest for the Balochistan. He ellaborated that Ignite did not want to compromise on the quality of the contest and therefore collaborated with ICPC Asia Topi based on their prior experience in programming contests at national and international level. He thanked Dr. Masroor Hussain, Director ICPC Asia Topi and his team for conceiving and developing the idea together with the Ignite team. Dr. Zain also appreciated the participation of students in the contest from all across Balochistan including remote cities such as Zhob, Lasbela, Loralai and Turbat. He spoke about the immense potential of the students based on the statistical data from the contest and the need of grooming, guidance

and nurturing this talent to further improve the quality of these students. He emphasized on evidence-based decision making that is essential to transform the country. In the end, Dr. Zain-ul-Abdin thanked the students, faculty members, ICPC team and Ignite team for their hard work, commitment and playing a key role in making the event successful. He also conveyed a positive message of continuing such activities in the future to support the Baloch talent was conveyed.
Dr. Masroor Hussain, Director ICPC Asia Topi, thanked Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Ignite and BUITEMS for hosting the prestigious event. He spoke about the various phases of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) Asia Topi and emphasized and encouraged the participation of the Baloch students in the upcoming ICPC contests so they can have a national and international exposure.
The Chief Guest of the ceremony, Engr. Ahmed Farooq Bazai (SI), Vice Chancellor BUITEMS, admired the efforts of Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT), Ignite and ICPC Asia for organizing the prestigious speed programming competition for the youth of Balochistan. He emphasized on the collaboration of these organizations with the universities of Balochistan to create more opportunities for the native students. Engr. Ahmed Farooq Bazai strongly encouraged the students speaking about the abundance of opportunities available for Baloch youth and urged them to work hard and show their presence in all disciplines at both the national and international platforms. He also laid emphasis on the participation of female students in such programming contests.
Participants were also invited on the stage to share their experience of the competition. Team members from University of Balochistan showed immense gratitude to MoITT, Ignite and ICPC Asia for providing them with such platform where they can showcase their programming skills. Other participants also apprised the efforts and spoke about how the competition raised their confidence and motivated them for active participation in future programming contests.