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Principal Investigator’s Organization (PIO):

School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, NUST, Islamabad

Principal Investigator (PI):

Dr. Khalid Latif, Mr. Atif Mumtaz


Personforce, a market leader in online HRM solutions, and NUST-SEECS, Pakistan’s leading engineering university have collaborated to come to a single platform and have developed and implemented a cutting edge new age technology – semantic search and filtering in job portals. Semantic searching is a process used to improve online searching by using metadata from semantic networks to disambiguate queries in order to generate more relevant results. This technology is relatively recent and few have tried to implement it to existing scenarios. Personforce and NUST realized the great potential in such technology and saw it as a multifaceted way to increase the efficiency of job portals by automatically reducing noise in search results for both the job seekers and employers. This technology can be used to tackle some of the bigger challenges faced in an HR portal, such as automatic resume-job matching and filtering, and enhancements will be done to optimize functionality.

Start Date 01-Dec-2011

Duration 21 months

Budget PKR 10.90 million

Status  Closed Project

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Publications   N/A

Thematic Area  SME

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