Dr. Umar Saif, Federal Minister for IT & Telecom, stated that Pakistan has embarked on a remarkable journey through the heart of innovation at GITEX Expand North Star, an international showcase of groundbreaking technology and cultural exchange. The Pakistan Pavilion, thoughtfully designed by Ignite to showcase the country’s entrepreneurial potential, welcomed visitors with open arms, offering a glimpse into Pakistan’s thriving tech startups landscape. Earlier H.E Muhammad Hussain, Counselor General Pakistan Embassy UAE and Mr. Muhammad Zohaib Khan, Chairman PASHA and Mr. Adeel Aijaz Shaikh, GM Ignite inaugurated Ignite’s Pavilion at GITEX.
This year, Ignite showcased ten tech startups at its GITEX Expand North Star pavilion, including RedMarker Systems (edtech), Davaam Life (retailtech), RemoteWell (agritech), Gameotivity (gaming), Kalam4Solutions (agritech), Boltay Huroof (assistivetech), Constructional 3D Printers (hi-tech), Intellica (energy), EMTEN (SaaS), and Explorer Bees (Tourism). Among these startups, four made it to the semifinals of ‘Supernova Challenge’ at GITEX 2023 including Red Marker Systems Pvt Ltd, Gameotivity, Boltay Huroof, and Kalam4Solutions Pvt Ltd.
During the Minister’s visit, a significant milestone was achieved with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Ignite’s Pavilion. The agreement was inked between FALAH App, a pioneering initiative, Explorer Bees Pvt. Limited (a startup from NIC Peshawar), and Cognitology Limited, a company registered in the Republic of Ireland trading under the name ‘PsycReality.’ The signing ceremony took place in the presence of esteemed dignitaries, industry leaders, and technology enthusiasts. FALAH App, a testament to Pakistan’s technological prowess, joined hands with Explorer Bees Pvt. Limited and PsycReality to pave the way for innovative solutions in the realms of mental health and cognitive technologies.
Speaking about the collaboration, Dr. Umar Saif, Federal Minister for IT & Telecom, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “This collaboration exemplifies the spirit of innovation and global cooperation. By joining forces, FALAH App, Explorer Bees, and PsycReality are set to push the boundaries of technology, opening new horizons in the fields of mental health and cognitive sciences. Pakistan’s tech startups are reaching new heights, and collaborations like these are a testament to our potential on the global stage.”
The partnership aims to leverage the strengths of each entity involved, fostering an environment of creativity and excellence. By combining their expertise, FALAH App, Explorer Bees Pvt. Limited, and PsycReality are poised to create groundbreaking solutions that will not only benefit the local community but also have a global impact.
Expand North Star serves as a networking platform for startups and investors where innovative ideas converge, fostering collaborations that have the power to shape the future. The Pakistan Pavilion by Ignite showcases the nation’s dedication to technological advancement and global collaboration.