Structural, Chemical & Bio Hazard Diagnosis of Pipelines

Monolithic CMOS Microsystems for Structural, Chemical and Bio Hazard Detection

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Research Group at PAF-KIET is developing a cost-effective Microchip to detect Hazards in real-time to enable quick or preemptive actions in Structural, Chemical and Biological domains.

This project focuses on structural, chemical and bio-hazard detection and prediction using a smart fusion of micro-sensor systems, monolithically integrated inside a CMOS microchip – suitable as an autonomous sensing-node of a wireless sensor network (WSN). The embedded sensors can be used for detection of oil/gas leakages, analyzing vibration signatures of structures such as buildings etc.
The proposed sensor-fusion includes accelerometers, IR imagers and bio-MEMS sensors along with their configurable readout microelectronics. The main aim of this project is to utilize the upcoming trend of FAB-supported monolithic microsystems manufacturing, i.e. micro-sensors and micro-electronics inside the same CMOS die. This monolithic integration is key to developing a low-cost, low-power, compact, robust and high-performance system, which can be produced in batches of millions at a time.
Such integrated microsystems will have applications across strategic, academic, commercial and domestic spheres – and this system can be employed for widespread monitoring of resources.

Theme                 AI / Big data

Type                    Health-Tech / Academia