Mobile Data Communication Device

Principal Investigator’s Organization (PIO):

Palmchip Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.

Principal Investigator (PI):

Mr. Arshad Riazuddin, Wg.Cdr.(Rtd) Iftekhar Mahmood (Institute of Space Technology)


The project used the data services provided by the mobile networks for reading utility meters (such as electric, water, and gas), provided Internet Access for computer in Remote areas and internet or Text messaging interface for commercial and military application. The mobile network is used to monitor assets’ location. The key benefits of this project are given below: • An architecture for implementing a System on Chip (SoC) was developed which allowed future SoC designs implemented easily by any designer. • Verilog code, FPGA board design, and firmware were placed in the open source community in the form of a working package. Any company, institution or entrepreneur is able to use it for industrial applications as they see it fit. • The outcomes of the project were finished goods including various intellectual property (IP) designed, verified and implemented in a FPGA; Schematics, Gerber files and BOM of the FPGA board; and Firmware running on the board.

Start Date 01-Jan-2009

Duration 9 months

Budget PKR 11.2 million

Status  Closed Project

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Thematic Area  Telecommunication

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