Manager Internal Audit

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Position Title: Manager Internal Audit
Reports to: Functional Reporting to Audit Committee Administrative Reporting to CEO
Position Grade: V
Advertisement Date: 3rd April 2024
Last Date to Apply: 24th April 2024
Main Purpose (Role Summary)
  • The role of Chief Internal Auditor is to evaluate the internal controls, risk management and governance processes of the company and provide recommendations to management for improvements. He/ She will be responsible for preparing & implementing risk-based audit plan & program, dealing with audit committee, providing guidance to the internal audit team and ensuring performance of audit as per approved audit plan.
Principal Accountabilities (Duties & Responsibilities)
Key Responsibilities

  • Chief Internal Auditor is responsible for developing an effective and concrete internal audit system. Furthermore, it is also his/her responsibility to implement the audit system & to ensure its transparency.
  • Chief Internal Auditor has the responsibility to monitor any dissents or variances in the overall and departmental budgets and to recommend measures for the correction and elimination of these variances.
  • The position is responsible for developing a strict compliance mechanism to avoid any discrepancies and corruption at any level. Moreover, the effective implementation of this mechanism is also the responsibility on the part of the Chief Internal Auditor.
  • It is the responsibility of Chief Internal Auditor that the audit program should be performed with proficiency and due professional care, in compliance with the high standards of honesty, objectivity, diligence and loyalty, complied with international practices.
  • Chief Internal Auditor is responsible for designing and generating the internal audit reports in such a way that these reports could help the external auditors in conducting the external audit periodically.
  • It is the responsibility of the Chief Internal Auditor to ensure that issues identified by external auditors, internal auditors and commercial audit are followed up on and corrective action are taken on timely basis, and conducting follow up audits to monitor management’s interventions.
  • In order to ensure effective, efficient and transparent operations of the R&D Fund Company, Chief Internal Auditor will provide assistance and advice to the management in development of structures, policies and plans, taking into consideration the errors and flaws found during Internal Audit
  • To provide liaison with Commercial Auditor for Audit Para verifications, and providing support to management in DAC /PAC meetings
Qualification & Experience
  • The incumbent should be a member of recognized body of professional accountants or Certified Internal Auditor or Certified Fraud Examiner or Certified Internal Control Auditor or holding a master degree in finance from HEC recognized University.
  • At least 5 years of relevant audit experience
Knowledge & Skills
  • The standards issued by the IIA
  • Accounting and IFRS and auditing standards
  • Strong Critical and Analytical Thinking
  • Planning and Time Management

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