Intelligent Fault and Performance Management in Telecommunication Networks

Principal Investigator’s Organization (PIO):

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore

Principal Investigator (PI):

Dr. Mian Muhammad Awais, Ahmad Shabbar Kazmi, FAST-NU, Ahrar Naqvi, EBryx SMC


With an enormous growth in the Pakistani telecommunication sector in the last 5 years, ensuring QoS for the offered services, reliability, efficiency, and reduced cost of operations have become the central focus of most of the Pakistani telecom operators. The competition between network service providers for increased market share by satisfying customers, adopting new cutting-edge technologies, introducing value-added services and reducing operational costs is intensifying. The biggest threats posed to the QoS emanate from network faults and performance degradation. This project was an extension of the GIS based NMS project which was funded earlier and was aimed at developing all necessary technologies for an Intelligent Software System for efficient and effective Fault and Performance Management in Telecommunication Networks. The resulting intelligent system has acquired network fault and performance data originating from various network entities/elements using prevalent communication protocols, process this information using artificial intelligence/data mining techniques and provide root cause analysis for faults and predict occurrences of faults and performance degradation trends in the network. The root cause analysis that was performed in the proposed SW would have the ability to cater for uncertain/vague and incomplete data as the development will based on fuzzy logic as opposed to classical or binary logic in the standard root cause analyzers. The developed Intelligent System is architected as a standalone utility for fault and performance management and capable of integrating with the numerous existing operational support systems of the telecom operators. Thus the solution has provided additional value to the operators who will adapt the GIS based NMS solution. An open architecture for this application has been developed so that the intelligent system could be customized and extended in the future. The system is of significant value and interest to Pakistani Telecom operators. It has helped in increasing reliability of the services, prevent loss of revenue and increase operational efficiency and reduce cost of operations for the telecom operators.

Start Date 01-Feb-2013

Duration 18 months

Budget PKR 13.02 million

Status  Closed Project

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Thematic Area  Telecommunication

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