Ignite (Formerly National ICT R&D Fund) was one of the key sponsors DAWN SARSABZ PAKISTAN AGRI EXPO-2013 held on 4th & 5th April at Expo Center, Lahore.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Muhammed Ahmed, CEO Ignite (Formerly National ICT R&D Fund) said, “DAWN Sarsabz Pakistan Agri Expo has been instrumental in bringing together stakeholders associated with the agricultural sector. It contributes by highlighting the importance of agriculture to the economy of Pakistan and enables synchronization amongst the drivers of this all important sector.”

He further said, “The application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in agriculture is increasingly important. The agriculture sector in a developing country like Pakistan is confronted with the major challenge of increasing production to feed a growing population in a situation of decreasing availability of natural resources.”

“The role of ICT to enhance food security and support rural livelihoods is increasingly recognized and was also officially endorsed at the World Summit on the Information Society.”

“Increasing the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of small scale farms is an area where ICT can make a significant contribution. Farming involves risks and uncertainties, with farmers facing many threats from poor soils, drought, erosion and pests. Key improvements stem from information about pest and disease control, especially early warning systems, new varieties, new ways to optimize production and regulations for quality control.”

“Likewise Awareness of up-to-date market information on prices for commodities, inputs and consumer trends can improve farmers’ livelihoods substantially and have a dramatic impact on their negotiating position. Such information is instrumental in making decisions about future crops and commodities and about the best time and place to sell and buy goods.”

“Communities and farmer organizations can be helped through the use of ICTs to strengthen their own capacities and better represent their constituencies when negotiating input and output prices, land claims, resource rights and infrastructure projects.”

“ICT also enables rural communities to interact with other stakeholders, thus reducing social isolation. It widens the perspective of local communities in terms of national or global developments, opens up new business opportunities and allows easier contact with friends and relatives.”

“Ignite (Formerly National ICT R&D Fund) and also the Government of Pakistan realize the necessity to link ICT and agriculture and incorporate ICT in agricultural sector policies and programs.”

The expo was an ideal venue for exhibitors to showcase cutting edge, agri-specific products and services to key players from Pakistan’s agriculture sector who were looking for high yield technologies solutions that can assist them in releasing their growth potential.