Influencers of Pakistan Islamabad Forum co-hosted by Techlets Pvt. Ltd. and Google Business group Islamabad, formally launched an Artificial Intelligence based Influencer Marketing Automation system to help Pakistani SMEs and Digital influencers find, manage and measure influencer collaborations to boost Online Sales.

Techlets was seed funded for 19 Million rupees by Ignite National Technology Fund, Ministry of IT & Telecom, to develop Pakistan’s first Big data and Artificial Intelligence SaaS (software as a Service) to offer comprehensive consumer profiles i.e., ‘360 degrees’ views of people residing in Pakistan, These comprehensive consumer profiles has helped Techlets grow online revenues for partner SMEs tremendously in last year.

Ignite support helped Techlets grew from a 2-persons team to a cash positive company of 30 plus data scientists, application developers, designers and business experts. With offices in Islamabad, Karachi and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and satisfied clients in South-East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Europe, Techlets reported more than 70 Million rupees in collective revenues with over 20 plus SME partners. Ignite SEED funded venture saw 4x ROI and is growing at steady pace now with support of clients and partners, both nationally and internationally.

During his keynote address at the Influencers of Pakistan Islamabad Forum, Mr. Yusuf Hussain, CEO Ignite said that the use of fourth industrial wave tech like artificial intelligence and virtual reality along with other trends are taking the impact, relevance, and authenticity of marketing content and delivery to an entirely new level, which is what is required to rise above the noise of pervasive media and to deliver actual sales outcomes. Ignite is excited to participate in this transformation of the retail industry through funding of startups like Techlets that are helping build the future of retail.

The CEO of Techlets, Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Tahir said that with 3G/4G telecom services now common and among the world’s most affordable in Pakistan, 67 million Pakistanis have mobile broadband internet access and 48% of internet users consume online content daily. Pakistan’s SME’s (90% of all companies in Pakistan) are actively using influencer marketing as a cost- effective outreach channel to engage and sell to Pakistan’s online population and the “trade” is estimated PKR 5 billion/year, engaging in/directly with 67 million online Pakistanis. Techlets aims to enable trade, access to capital and commerce opportunities for socially active SME’s opting to use digital influencers, of which 80% are female, to market and sell their brand and products, to 67 million Pakistanis with 3G/4G mobile broadband access.

The forum was organized to train and engage Digital influencers and initiate a movement led by Techlets that will allows Pakistan’s 100k+ digitally active SMEs and over 500k+ digital influencers to bridge the disconnect and make the matchmaking process smarter and much more efficient.