Human Resource Development

Capacity-building in Science and Technology (S&T) is one of the most important aspects of a viable S&T infrastructure. Unfortunately, a majority of S&T institutions in Pakistan suffer from a severe lack of human and institutional capacity to conduct any meaningful research and development projects and to provide quality teaching in the areas of science and engineering. There is therefore an urgent need to train manpower and upgrade scientific institution in Pakistan. This grant scheme is thus aimed to train manpower and strengthen R&D institutions working in the fields of science and technology relevant to the national needs.
The purpose of this grant is two-fold:

  1. To support the candidates in obtaining essential training/certification and
  2. To fund reputable institutions that want to either strengthen existing or start another program.

Funds should be provided to either completely or partially subsidize the training programs and to buy equipment/software that the institution cannot afford. From this grant, medium sized scientific equipment can also be purchased with strong justification and cost-benefit analysis. Funds should not be spent on brick and mortar. The details of training and/or experiments that will be performed and the goals that will be achieved should be clearly stated.
Duly filled applications in all respects along with any documents should be sent to Ignite. There is no deadline for submission of the application; however, the application should be submitted at least three months prior to commencing the project.


Application Form
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