High-Quality Tele-Medicine-Driven Video Encoding System Under Very-Low Bitrates.

Principal Investigator’s Organization (PIO):

Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad

Principal Investigator (PI):

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir


The project developed a novel telemedicine-driven video encoding system. The system provided remote physician the modes to mark some regions under investigation within the diagnostic video. The marked regions under investigation information and the statistical properties of medical videos were used to provide high quality to important regions in diagnostic videos (like body parts under investigation and moving parts in ultrasound videos, etc.), while tolerating video quality loss in less-important regions (like background, not-selected body parts, etc.). The project also developed a model and built relationships between different block categories and optimal coding configuration.

Start Date 01-Feb-2015

Duration 24 months

Budget PKR 25.42 million

Status  Project in Inclosure Process

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Publications  N/A

Thematic Area  Health

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