End-to-End Solution for Business Process Composition and Management (BP-Com)


This project (BP-Com) aims at improving efficiency and reducing cost for development, deployment, and management of business processes (BPs) for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Specifically, the objective is to utilize the cloud-based services and resources for rapid development and deployment of BPs for SME organizations that cannot bear with the high cost of personnel and software/hardware resources for coding, administration, and hosting of their business processes.
A BP is a set of logically related activities performed to achieve a well-defined business outcome. As part of this project, we are developing an end-to-end solution called Business Process Composition and Management System (BP-Com) that enables SME sector organizations to compose, refine, deploy, and execute their business processes using the Web services and resources available in the public cloud. BP-Com will provide a collaborative environment in which organizations share their requirements for new processes and/or details of their existing processes in a privacy-preserving manner to enable collaborative composition of business processes.