Tracking Student Disorders: Early Detection E-Learning Systems for Psychological Response

eLearning System to Assist Elementary Education, Response Analysis & Early Detection of Psychological Disorders in Students


Edu Innovators, is developing system to introduce a uniform learning environment at early education level in the country which includes lectures, practice sessions and assessments in electronic format to help early identification of psychological disorders measuring I/Q, E/Q and maintaining educational development records of students as a side effect.

Computer based learning has become a very important part of many students learning, and it has been integrated into their lives one way or the other. We aim to introduce a uniform learning environment in Pakistan’s basic education system including lectures, practice material and assessments in electronic format. This e-learning project would deliver computer based teaching material comprising the latest research and current best practices in leading private schools of the country.
Teachers would monitor the learning outcomes, delivery of instruction, and students’ achievement. The purpose of developing this project is to provide unprivileged middle and lower class members of society the same standard of education in order to minimize the disparity between curricula. Within the larger context of nation building and providing support to rural areas, a mobile school would be developed which would be used to teach developed computer based trainings in remote areas where students have no access to state-of-the-art teaching methods and curriculum.

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