Efficient and Secure Provisioning of IMS Based Next Generation Network Multimedia Services

Principal Investigator’s Organization (PIO):

International Islamic University, Islamabad

Principal Investigator (PI):

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sher, Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz, NGNI


Next Generation Network (NGN) focuses on improving the telecommunication core and access networks and plans to transport all the services by encapsulating them into packets via a single IP based network. NGN provides various types of multimedia services which are fully ready for use in coming few years. These services include presence, messaging, push to talk over cellular, multiparty conference etc. These NGN multimedia services are subject to various types of security flaws related to authentication of the users, denial of service, data integrity, privacy and confidentiality etc. Moreover provision of Quality of Service (QoS) (resource utilization, delay minimization etc.) is also a major challenge to these services for gaining success. The project developed a framework that on one side improves the security of these services by providing data integrity, privacy and confidentiality solutions against various types of attacks while on the other side makes these services more efficient by modifying the existing session setup, registration, service creation and service subscription procedures. Inclusion of new value added features in these multimedia services were also the part of the research work. The work helped these services to gain the confidence of the business sector and the potential users and will play a vital role in the success of NGN.

Start Date 01-Jun-2013

Duration 24 months


Status  Project in Inclosure Process

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Thematic Area  Telecommunication

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