Call for Startup Ecosystem Experts

To nurture the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan and to provide the necessary international exposure to startups, Ignite funds the international traveling of startups for their participation at international events. The startups for each event are selected by a selection committee comprising of officials from Ignite and a representative/ expert from startup ecosystem.
The startup ecosystem expert will work on pro-bono/free-of-charge basis. The eligibility criteria for selection of startup ecosystem expert is as follows:

1. At least 5-year experience in nurturing the start-up in the past.

2. At least 5-year experience in Mentoring/coaching of startups.

3. Have experience of running the startups as founder/cofounder.

4. At least 5-year experience in startups pitch evaluation as a judge.

5. Experience in startups pitch evaluation as investor/part of investment firm, mentor, judge, etc.

6. Having insights knowledge of the modern technologies like fintech, Agritech, Healthtech, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc.

7. Global Experience in Entrepreneurship, Well connected with Accelerators, Investors, Industry Experts, Venture Capitals etc.

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