Context Aware Mobile IPTV Solution for 4G/LTE Networks

(3GPP-IMS Compliant E2E Mobile IPTV Solution for 4G/LTE Networks)


MobileVAS Solutions, is developing an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Compliant Mobile IPTV Solution, for enabling mobile operators to provide high quality Mobile IPTV services to their mobile broadband subscribers over existing Core (HSPA+/LTE,IMS,CBS/IN) infrastructure.

As smartphones and fast wireless mobile networks such as 4G/LTE gain widespread use in Pakistan, the demand for personalized, context-aware and location-based multimedia services on-the-go is also growing. To cater to this need and to make way for next generation multimedia services and particularly, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), a fitting solution is required where more data can be transferred at a faster rate. Presently, IPTV implementations are not standardized and are not specifically designed for wireless mobile networks – they are designed for DSL-based high-speed networks.

Next generation multimedia services and IPTV systems in Pakistan need to dynamically adapt to network conditions and users’ location and devices by incorporating advanced features, like adaptive video delivery methods, to give the user a superior and more seamless experience. This project aims to build 3GPP/IMS compliant exchange-to-exchange IPTV solutions for wireless mobile networks that will enable service providers to launch and effectively deliver innovative revenue-generating IPTV services, in addition to the current data and voice services for mobile subscribers.

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