Everyone has experienced the frustration of not being able to avoid the spam that comes with marketing avenues of all kinds including SMS, emails and what not! For retailers and customers alike, DealSmash Recommender System, which is essentially the spam filter or modern marketer’s funnel, provides contextual awareness and personalized recommendations to retail customers.


How? The central component of the system is an intelligent, adaptive software-based recommender system that can learn, both offline and online, the preferences, shopping behavior, geographic attributes and demographics of the customer base, in return providing a personalized shopping experience to each customer by suggesting only relevant offers to his or her mobile device in a context and location-aware manner.


The recommendations will be in the form of item- and/or category-specific coupons and/or reward offers from Dealsmash (Pvt) Ltd. retail partners and advertisers.


Based on these recommendations, the system will choose the most relevant offers from a list of previously stored offers and suggest these to the DealSmash app user. The user data for the recommendation system will be obtained through different channels including integration with retailer POS, user scanned receipts or beacons.


Expected outcome: State-of-the-art high performance recommender system delivering contextual offers and providing intelligent brand positioning for the retailers and advertisers.