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Kaltoor_Kaltoor, a customized shoe brand is tailored to women’s everyday needs and personal style. After rigorous market research, the Kaltoor team found that a whopping 85% of Pakistani women reported that they are unsatisfied with footwear available in the market. Once the need and demand was established, the cofounders set out to get together a production team. The company is also socially responsible as 10% of each item sold goes in to the education of the artisans’ children and educationally driven charities. Kaltoor’s shoes not only offer women an affordable, comfortable, durable and customised shoe but also one that lets each woman’s unique personality and identity shine. Kaltoor has their sights set on the international market as well and are gearing for a Kickstarter campaign to scale up their operations and outreach at the end of this year.
Smart Ads_Smart Ads offers a comprehensive 360 degree branding solution to other companies with a low advertising and marketing budget by providing an online platform to advertisers to remotely control their ad campaigns. While electronic boards are extremely expensive in the market at Rs. 400,0000 per billboard, founder of Smart Ads Iqbal claims that he can widdle set-up cost to an astonishing Rs. 50,000 a fraction of the cost of its counterpart. Smart Ads wants to modernize the billboard to be a moving and living space capable of interacting with its audience.Smart Ads offers a comprehensive 360 degree branding solution to other companies with a low advertising and marketing budget by providing an online platform to advertisers to remotely control their ad campaigns. While electronic boards are extremely expensive in the market at Rs. 400,0000 per billboard, founder of Smart Ads Iqbal claims that he can widdle set-up cost to an astonishing Rs. 50,000 a fraction of the cost of its counterpart. Smart Ads wants to modernize the billboard to be a moving and living space capable of interacting with its audience.
Dukandar.com_Get More In Less Time.

We want to provide our customers, with all the facilities available online
on one single platform. So they don’t have to surf different websites all
day to meet their needs.

From online shopping of

	daily utilities
	ordering meals,
	booking a cab,
	an air (e-Ticket)
	reserving a ticket to watch a movie
KSA Robotics_KSA Robotics is developing a Multi remote control based Wheel chair by using WIFI to help the paralyzed people in moving around. The chair can be controlled by voice, gestures and brain signals.
Agri drogo_ 

Currently farmers and fertilizer companies rely on soil testing methodologies that use chemicals to test the quality of soil. This kind of testing is done every quarter before sowing a new crop. Testing the soil takes 7-10 days which is an expensive procedure this also requires a physical lab.

AgriDrogo is a soil testing device that tests the soil accurately in real time. This is a much more efficient and effective solution that saves both time and money.
Automatia_Automatia is developing an automated electricity management device for all kinds of electricity consumers be it household or commercial. The device will allow electricity consumers to remotely monitor and manage loads using mobile App. This will help consumers utilize electricity in a better manner and will reduce their electricity bills by 20%.
Chimera Games_Chimera games is game publishing  company which is developing  Massive Multiplayer Battle Royal Games to help people get a unique experience in gaming for free. Chimera games is solving the issue of mobile users having to play repetitive mundane games like simple shooting games , bus simulators etc which make up for more than 70% of the mobile game market. This app is for mobile gamers of all ages, male and females.
Click Darzi_“ClickDarzi is Providing Online platform to Clothing brand & Top Tailors by Connecting customers to their Brands & Tailors”.

ClickDarzi will provide Branded Cloths as a Product
while Online Tailoring as a Service.
Food Dolly_Food Dolly is an Online Food Ordering and restaurant reservation service targeting foodies and busy professionals. Food Dolly is a one click solution for delivering food at customer door step.
Gamified Education_Gamified education aims to enhance the productivity of children by utilizing 70% of the time kids spend on mobile phones from 14 billion hours/week by educational games. The educational game will make learning a fun filled activity for kids and will help in clearing concepts for kids of all ages.ptsforkidsofallages. p
Azadi E Bike_Commuting is not only a hassle for people, it is destructive to the environment. In many cities, people only commute a short distance, but when tens of thousands of people commute using standard gasoline powered cars, the environmental impact becomes very significant. An emission-free commuter vehiclewould go a long way in helping sustain the environment by reducing carbon emissions. So Azadi E-bike is the solution for these problems stated above. 
Smart Tubewell_Smart tube well: supervisory control and data acquisition using IoT to enable organizations running Tube Wells to shift from conventional tube well operational procedure to smart one i.e. controlling through a mobile app, centralized grid and monitoring power consumption, water outflow, water cleanliness, water management to consumer and asset mapping
BERA_Bera is a luxury Peshawari chappal brand, that is working to elevate the status, perception and design of the Peshawari chappal as well as bringing it into mainstream fashion and establish its diversity as an everyday comfort staple and a sleek and luxurious must-have, simultaneously. Co-founders Muhammad Jahangir and Mian Rashid launched Bera in January 2017, and since then have revamped, repackaged and modernized locally and globally. Along the way they are preserving the traditional and local ways of making the Peshawari chappal that ensures quality, durability, detail and of course, style.
APRUS_We make indigenous electrosurgical units that are used for cutting and coagulation of tissues during surgeries. The electrosurgical unit will have two parts, an electrosurgical generator i.e. power supplier or the waveform generator and a hand-piece including one or several electrodes. The electrosurgical generator will generate high-frequency electrical waves that will be transmitted to the electrode or the pin. The pin by coming into contact with tissues will cut the tissues. Since the tissues are cut with high-frequency electrosurgical waves; bleeding is prevented. 

The best quality electrosurgical unit is produced by Valley lab an American company which has brought down the output power deviation to 13 watts and cost USD20, 000/- a unit.

We are continuously working on up-gradation and improvement of our electrosurgical unit so now we are working on new technology which is known as AI based instant response technology. This is the technology which detects the impedance of the tissues and automatically adjusts the power. This technology combines with our superior architecture successfully brings down the output power deviation to 2 watts resulting in a clean cut and cellular precision. Only now can the full potential of electro-surgery be realized.

With this technology, our electrosurgical unit will be the smartest and safest electrosurgical unit of the world at a shockingly low cost of USD1500/-

With our superior product, we will soon tap into the ever-growing global market of USD4.71 billion for the electrosurgical unit.
Franchise.pk_The co-founders believe that with the increased connectivity of information technology and social media, they can build a network and online platform connecting franchisers to franchisees that operates as a business growth tool as well. is the one-stop solution for setting up a franchise in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and eventually, all of Pakistan in every sector. In a span of a few months since its inception and development, the company has brought on board seventy franchises on board their online platform, six of which are international brands from the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. In addition to serving the franchising community in Pakistan, the co-founders have also diversified their revenue streams in a three-pronged manner. Firstly, they charge a commission on franchises reaching maturity; secondly, they have a quarterly magazine that promotes franchises and features relevant content; and lastly, they do PR and event management consultations for their franchisers and franchisees.
Suaave_Suaave is a startup hailing from Peshawar working on cost-effective and user-friendly solutions to do just that,to propel Pakistan and the world in to wearable technology for increased user protection. The company has a holistic and nuanced approach to leveraging Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in silicon bands that make travel, schooling, medical care and social interaction safer, easier and more streamlined. The company has four product lines that feature NFC chip enabled silicon bands for four markets and needs:

	Umra and Hajj
	Fashion and social
	Educational attendance
	Medical attendance and records is an online retail startup. Co-founders and cousins, Sajid and Naveed Shah, bought a starting inventory of $75 and sold it online in less than 24 hours and were successful in making a million rupees in their first fiscal year. built their online brand and presence on social media and their website, and have customers from all over the country from Thar to Chitral. Their scale-up plans involve an Etsy-esque retail space that promotes female Pakistani artisans and invests in local crafts. They believe that this will also embolden their Unique Selling Proposition as their current stock is available on other online retailers as well but with unique crafts and wares, they will be more attractive internationally as well.
Peanut Butter-ButNut_BUTNUT is a short abbreviation of Butter and Peanuts. This is the first locally made peanut butter mix. The peanuts and butter used are of high quality grade and are locally made and packed. Evey box of butnut is extremely fresh and the taste is incomparable to other peanut butter products as there are no preservatives or flavor boosters there is also use of honey instead of sugar and price is less.
Durrani Stems_pp&nbspppCEO Ali Ahmad Durrani is building a diversified approach to STEM that inculcates all tactile aspects of making. Durrani is contagiously ambitious and wants to train enough STEM teachers and trainers that there&amprsquos a dedicated educationist in each school in the country. He is currently working with the Education Department in KP to bring STEM curriculum and teachers to elementary and secondary classes. The vision of this enterprise is to impact education policy for sustainable reform and bridge the gap between students and leaders so today&amprsquos youth can become tomorrow&amprsquos bright future. Launched in 2017, Durrani STEM&amprsquos @Service has already trained 4 teachers and held STEM sessions with 500&nbspchildren.pp

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