eAssessment System for C/C++ Programming Assignments


COMSATS is developing an open automated assessment system for training new age computer science students by helping teachers/institutions to timely and effectively evaluate students assignments developed in C and C++ languages with the facility of valuable feedbacks for students.

The rapidly-increasing need for internet bandwidth from consumers is a demand every ISP has to struggle to meet, and the challenge is only going to grow with time.
Scalability for an ISP is hindered by the fact that a key piece of equipment known as Virtual Broadband Remote Access Server, or virtual B-RAS (used to route traffic to and from broadband remote access devices on an Internet service provider’s (ISP) network) is expensive and vendor-locked, leading to high operational.
Our solution, the Virtual Broadband Remote Access Server, or virtual B-RAS provides all the functionality of a traditional B-RAS, as well as policy configuration and enforcement features. However it does all that as a low-cost, virtualized software solution (virtual B-RAS) that will run on generic x86 servers instead of vendor-specific hardware.

This locally-developed technology would reduce the ISP’s costs enabling them to scale more easily, and the removal of vendor lock-in issues would foster more innovation in this space and uplift this specific technological space.
This product will directly benefit and facilitate ISPs in Pakistan who contribute significantly to the Ignite (Formerly National ICT R&D Fund) and the overall GDP of Pakistan.

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