Innovation Fund


The selection of Challenge-driven Innovation Fund awards will be made through an open, rigorous, transparent, competitive and merit-based process consistent with international standards for funding research and innovation projects. All Full Proposals submitted in response to this Call for Proposals will be evaluated by independent experts. The evaluation process consists of three sequential steps:

Project Outline (PO) Review
Administrative review will be undertaken by the Ignite to ensure that PO is eligible to submit a full proposal. Subsequently, each PO will be assigned to a review panel which will determine whether the proposed research concept would lead to a substantive contribution to addressing the socio-economic development issues of Pakistan.

Desk Evaluation of Full Project Proposal (FPP)
FPP will be evaluated by at least two members of the Panel consisting of teams of experts including international academic leaders and subject matter experts.

Presentation before Expert Panel
The core team of shortlisted proposals will pitch their idea/solution to a panel of experts including international academic leaders and subject matter experts. The Expert Panel will assess each proposal according to a scoring rubric and recommend the proposal for final approval.

Negotiation and Implementation
Following the evaluation process and selection process, the Ignite will enter into budget negotiations with the PI and the host institution.

Final Selection
The Project Management and Appraisal Committee (PMAC)/Board of Ignite will make the final decision.

Grievance Procedure
Applicant(s) may submit a grievance notice if not satisfied with the decision on the submitted proposal which will be processed as per procedure to address grievance notices.

In exceptional circumstances, institutions submitting a full Proposal that was not selected for funding may submit a written Notice of Grievance within Seven (07) working days of results being announced. A Notice of Grievance is permitted only when the institution believes that the proposal was not evaluated fairly or in a reasonable manner