SDN Enabled Internet Exchange Point

Xbits: A Differentiated Services SDN Enabled Internet Exchange Point


Bitysm is developing a software defined internet exchange (SDX) for internet service providers and Pakistan Internet Exchange, providing centralized control and service agility to the service provider for significantly increasing the flexibility and function of inter-domain traffic delivery.

Local peering of internet traffic has lots of advantages for both network operators and end-users alike as it allows two internet networks to connect and exchange traffic. Presently, Pakistan lags the infrastructure for establishing local peering exchanges and faces challenges such as lack of peering agreements between operators, cost considerations as well as suitable models to offer differentiated services at Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). There is only one existing peering point in Pakistan, which is used primarily as a transit facility. Two additional peering points are also presently underway between two industry stakeholders.
Xbits is a project that aims to provide a software-defined internet exchange point (SDX) architecture with a framework to offer differentiated services at IXPs, customized specifically for the needs of the local internet community. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) holds potential in terms of lower infrastructure costs and abstraction of network functionality in separate control and data planes.
The project will focus on the following goals: developing customized architecture of SDX; implementation of the architecture; validation of SDX architecture through peering; development of a services brokerage; and offering SDX-differentiated services to local ISPs. This solution will be rolled out in collaboration with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for local telecoms, ISPs and data centers.

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