• The purpose of the project is to develop stent system integrated with a smart displacement sensor; this diagnostic tool will be consolidated with a Radio Frequency (RF) component. The resulting product will combine the advantages of a Coronary Stent system, along with non-invasive monitoring capabilities.



    The stage and progression of disease as well as any changing in-vivo conditions may be monitored by an external RF component, which can provide clinicians with real time patient alerts. In case of ambulatory patients who are not hospitalized, the ex-vivo (or active component) of the RF device can prompt the patient about their hospital visits, based on any changes in the internal pathology sensed by the in-vivo passive RF component.


    Along with the modification of the treatment plan without the need of expensive or invasive diagnostic procedures, this novel stent can act as a real-time monitoring system and help enormously in preventing problems caused by delay in diagnosis or treatment.