Telecom Talkies: Let’s Talk (at Low Cost!)

Reintermediation in Telecommunications


Global adoption of VoIP based technologies and services is significant and growing rapidly, in large part due to the deregulation of telecommunication markets. Using this technology operators and resellers of all sizes are able to leverage the infrastructure of the internet to deliver communication services, without high upfront investment in proprietary infrastructure.
Moreover, integration protocols between operators have also been standardized to a large extent (e.g.h323, SIP) and operators can now switch between suppliers and customers in a highly competitive market, and they can interconnect with each other in a matter of hours, as opposed to months as was previously the case.
Such advancements in this telecommunication niche have ballooned the VoIP market to a value of over $40 billion. This deregulation and standardization are enabling markets to transform from centralized to free markets, thereby presenting significant opportunities for innovative niche players.

Despite such advancements, there is still a problem of inefficient access to information within the industry, and discovery of the most profitable partners and best rates is still a challenge for operators, meaning that a lot of potential value is left “on the table” for operators.
What the industry needs to scale to the next level is a credible and efficient discovery platform to do so, and this is exactly what this project has undertaken to create.