Provision of Inflight WiFi and Internet Services using High Altitude Platforms


As technology spreads, most areas in Pakistan – urban and rural – have gained wide cellular coverage and have hi-speed internet. Some areas, however, remain out of reach or infeasible to provide coverage for due to the topography of the region where hills and mountains provide interruption in signals, or where the population is sparsely scattered.
This project aims to provide internet to under-served areas of Pakistan in the provinces of Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and outskirts of Sindh through High Altitude Platforms (HAPs). HAPs are unmanned solar-powered lightweight planes that can provide wireless coverage. These are usually deployed in the stratosphere, which provides an atmosphere free from turbulence and have fixed coverage for long periods of time which is essential for fixed mobile services.
HAPs can also be used to provide a backhaul connection to the existing terrestrial infrastructure. This project aims to provide HAPs that will be equipped with communications satellites and serve as a wireless hotspot for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Once successfully deployed, HAP constellations will be able to provide complete area coverage.