Chief Financial Officer

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Position Title: Chief Financial Officer
Reports to:  Chief Executive Officer
Key Duties & Responsibilities
  • Control and treasury functions:
    1. The CFO’s responsibilities are rooted in the functions of “control” and “treasury”. The CFO must ensure that appropriate systems are in place to measure the attainment of corporate and departmental goals along with certain other responsibilities.
  • Develop financial systems and internal controls:
    1. Develop Ignite’s financial systems to facilitate management decision-making.
    2. Ensure the effective management of Ignite’s financial operations.
    3. Establish and maintain appropriate internal control safeguards.
    4. Develop, execute, and communicate overall financial strategy to all stakeholders.
  • Financial reporting and auditing procedures:
    1. Financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting. Ensure records systems are
    maintained in accordance with International auditing standards.
    2. Ensure compliance with state, federal budgetary reporting requirements.
    3. Handling financing of large projects, audits and accounts functions.
  • Financial policy decision recommendations:
    1. Provide recommendations to the CEO on major financial decisions and carry out the financial policy decisions made by Ignite Board.

Any other responsibility as per requirement and decision of the supervisor.

Qualification, Skills, and Experience
  • A member of a recognized body of professional accountants with at least five years relevant experience, in case of Public Sector Companies having total assets of five billion rupees or more;


  • A person holding a Masters degree in finance from a university recognized by the Higher Education Commission with at least 10 years relevant experience, in case of other Public Sector Companies

Should meet fit and proper criteria specified by SECP


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