Artificial Intelligence based Disease Diagnosis
System for Livestock in Rural Pakistan

Intelligent Disease Diagnosis System for Livestock in Rural Pakistan


Rural and Agriculture Informatics Lab at Namal College Mianwali is developing an intelligent expert system to help the farmers in rural areas conveniently diagnose diseases of the livestock through an easy to use Urdu based mobile application.

Farmers and agriculturists are susceptible to suddenly losing a lot of their livestock due to contagious diseases undiagnosed in due time. Rather than waiting for the visit of a veterinary expert for the timely diagnosis and treatment of such diseases, this project seeks to provide an alternative with its aim to study, investigate, design and implement an artificial intelligence-based disease diagnosis system for livestock owned by farmers in rural Pakistan.
The project will be confined to four types of cattle commonly owned in rural areas: cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep. The product will be capable of running as a stand-alone application on computers as well as Android-based mobile phones, where the user will enter symptoms through an easy-to-use localized interface and the system will predict the possible disease(s) with suggestions of medication. It will also provide a provision to veterinary doctors to contribute in enhancing the knowledge-base of the system, ultimately resulting in accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

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