Frequently Asked Questions

National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative (FYP)
1.Who is eligible for funding under the initiative?

Ans: The undergraduate students enrolled in chartered Public and Private sector Universities in an ICT related discipline and registered/undertaking their Final Year Projects are eligible to apply for funding under this initiative through their respective Head of Departments (HoDs).

2. How much funding is available for a Final Year Project (FYP) under the initiative?

Ans: A maximum of Rs. 80,000/- can be provided to a single Final Year Project (FYP) with certain restrictions. Details have already been provided to the University administration and are also available at web page of the program

3. What is the number of projects that could be submitted by a University?

Ans: Each University/Institution is encouraged to submit multiple projects per ICT related department/discipline to ensure maximum participation and for benefit to their students.

4. How many projects per University will be funded under this initiative?

Ans: The Fund would like to accommodate maximum number of quality projects provided they are selected by committee of experts of Ignite (Formerly National ICT R&D Fund). However, due to budget limitations all recommended projects will likely not to be funded.

5. Can students who have graduated and have already completed their Final Year Projects (FYPs) apply for funding under this initiative?

Ans: No, such students are not eligible to apply under this initiative.

6. What is the deadline for submission of Final Year Project (FYP) Nomination Form?

Ans: The last date for submission of forms to Ignite (Formerly National ICT R&D Fund) is March 15, 2018. It should be noted that forms submitted directly by the students to Ignite (Formerly National ICT R&D Fund) will not be entertained.

7. What is the procedure for submission of Final Year Project (FYP) Nomination Form?

Ans: Only prescribed “Final Year Project (FYP) Nomination Form” can be submitted through respective Head of Departments (HoDs) for this initiative. The form is available in "Download" section.

8. What are ICT related disciplines?

Ans: The ICT related disciplines include Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer System Engineering, Software Engineering, Information & Communication System Engineering, Computer Science & Information Technology, Mechatronics Engineering, Engineering Science etc.

9. Are students of MS/M/Phil eligible to apply?

Ans: No. Only students enrolled in (4 year) undergraduate ICT related degree programs are eligible to apply for funding under this initiative.

10. The current initiative is for which semester?

Ans: The current initiative for which nominations are being invited is aimed to target those final year undergraduate students who have registered and are undertaking their Final Year Projects (FYPs) during the year 2017-18.

11. Will the program be again launched for those who would be undertaking their Final Year Projects (FYPs) next year?

Ans: It is envisaged that the program will continue in the future as well however, detailed information regarding this will be made available at our website at an appropriate time.

12. “Terms and Conditions” and “Focal Person’s Nomination Form” should be signed by whom?

Ans. “Terms and Conditions” and “Focal Person’s Nomination Form” should be signed by Head of the university/institution.