Cutting Electricity Loss with ElectroCure

Electrocure-Governance tool for Electricity Data Management


CISNR is developing Electrocure to help consumers by providing with meter-less smart metering, with continuous surveillance of the distribution lines providing theft proof and reliable electric supply.

ElectroCure is a governance tool for Electricity Data Management. According to official reports, Pakistan has a total annual loss of 27% when it comes to transmission and distribution of electricity. The internationally-accepted figure for electricity loss is 6% – which means that there is still 21% unaccounted electricity loss in Pakistan which equates to around Rs. 350 billion annually. The various activities and factors that contribute to this loss include meter tampering, electricity theft from transmission and distribution lines, billing irregularities and unpaid bills.
ElectroCure aims to address electricity theft arising from meter tampering, theft from transmission and distribution lines, and billing irregularities – which contribute to more than 90% of the total losses. This system will also eliminate the need for meter readers, thus eradicating the practices of bribery and other unlawful actions resulting from human intervention. The potential market for this product is very promising and Military Engineer Services (MES) Pakistan Army is also supporting this project.

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