Design & Implementation of a Language Independent Software Clone Management Tools Suite for Single & Multiple System


The tool will capitalize on the untapped potential of software similarities (code clones) that abound in existing software systems, helping our software industry to increase its efficiency in software development, and to enhance its potential to capture new customers and new market segments globally.
Code clones are similar program parts existing within and across software systems. Clones are known to exist in all kinds of software systems in significant proportions. Clones adversely affect the software quality, especially its maintainability and comprehensibility. It is also believed that the financial impact of cloning on maintenance is very high, where the cost of post-delivery maintenance is estimated to be around 60% – 80% of the total cost incurred during a software system’s lifetime. However, due to the pragmatic difficulties in avoiding or removing clones, researchers and practitioners have agreed that code clones should be detected and managed efficiently.
In clone management system, clones will be unified using Variant Configuration Language (VCL) (, which is a meta-programming language and technique based on Bassett’s frames. This is a language independent technique that provides unlimited parameterization capability to any level of detail in a given text. Manual transformation of code into Bassett’s frames and managing these frames have been reported to have increased the productivity of several organizations by an order of magnitude and reduced the time to market of their products by 70%.