Efficient & Economical Network Load Balancer for Cloud Data Centers

Design and Implementation of a Failure Resilient Network Load Balancer for Cloud Datacentres


Blitz Cloud, is developing a cloud-scale load balancer, to help datacenter operators (including local telcos and ISPs) achieve resilience to resource failures with real-time diagnostics and agile re-routing.

Modern data centers host tens of thousands of servers in a single facility. These servers are often packaged into racks and allocated as clusters to different services or applications. A high bandwidth network interconnects the racks within a cluster as well as the individual clusters. A critical component in any data center is a network load balancer that aims to evenly balance traffic across the entire network so that users see high performance while avoiding congestion hotspots.
This project aims to build a network load balancing architecture for data centers that use recent advances in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to achieve an efficient, failure-resilient, agile and deployable load balancing solution, titled ‘SLAB’ (Software-Defined Agile Load Balancing).
The design and development of SLAB will play a positive role in the development and viability of local cloud computing providers by lowering their costs. Nayatel, a leading provider for broadband, telephony and cable television services, has expressed its support for this project and will be evaluating this solution with the eventual goal of commercialization. For researchers, this project will provide novel insights, protocols and algorithms which will likely open new avenues for future research. A patent may also be filed based on this innovative load balancing solution.

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