In light of the urgency and importance of addressing the COVID-19 virus outbreak issue in the world and in
the country as well, Ignite is looking forward to provide funding support to high-impact and short time-to-
market ideas that can be developed to tackle the most pressing challenges by COVID-19 outbreak.

Applications are expected from legally registered local entities including manufacturing companies,
research groups from academia, R&D based industrial setup, startups and other relevant organizations. All COVID-19 related proposals would be processed on priority basis.

Focus areas to fight COVID-19

1. Point-of-care diagnostic

2. Monitor and control

3. Prophylactics and therapeutics

4. Electromedical equipment

5. Personal Protective Equipment

6. Predictive modeling using AI

7. Innovation in industrial raw materials

8. Developing production processes/methods

9. Innovation for production line automation

10. Solutions to monitor food/ration supplies

11. Awareness and understanding COVID-19

12. Others

Let’s fight COVID-19 through innovation.
Please download the prescribed application form here.

Application Form

Duly filled applications in all respects along with any documents should be sent to Ignite. There is no
deadline for submission of the application; however, the quicker we act, the more we save our nation.

Don’t wait, submit the proposals now.

For further assistance/query please contact: [email protected]