Consumer Profiling in Pakistan Through Data Analytics & AI

Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence for Consumer Profiling in Pakistan


Techlets is developing a smart Artificial Intelligence/Data Science MarTech platform to help businesses effectively engage with potential targets by mining multi-dimensional consumer matrices real-time.

Pakistan has over 40 million internet users, however, there is a lack of comprehensive user profiling which would help define users’ trends and habits. This Big Data analysis can then be harnessed by local businesses and corporations to be able to position their products and services more effectively.
This project aims to develop comprehensive user profiles to help businesses improve the allocation of their limited marketing budgets or other resources and enhance the overall returns on their spending or investment by building Pakistan’s first cloud-based Big Data and Artificial Intelligence SaaS (software as a service).
Tens of millions of data points are generated daily across Pakistan and Techlets Islamabad aims to generate consumer profiles to create evidence-backed indicators to help businesses allocate resources effectively and deliver on new initiatives. It will also support resource plans and governance matters with topical information, by understanding citizens’ concerns and will also help with crisis management strategies, etc.

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