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WonderTree, last year’s champion startup from Pakistan at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Stanford University, is a platform that uses augmented reality gaming for development of motor, cognitive, and functional skills of people with special needs.


There are an estimated 18 million people with disabilities in Pakistan. Augmented reality learning system (ARLS) is developing a revolutionary educational tool and therapeutic platform tailored to special needs, which has already stirred interest in a handful of remedial neuro-clinics around the world.



To date, special education and therapy remains exclusive to a certain privileged strata of society. ARLS has the potential to disrupt and revolutionize the provision of special education and therapy. Using a powerful combination of augmented reality, gamification, education and therapy exercises, ARLS is creating a cost effective, efficient and accessible solution that will cater to all people with neurological disabilities in Pakistan. Better yet, this won’t be limited to Pakistan alone!